Ceksan road sweepers

ÇEKSAN road sweeping machines

ÇEKSAN is dedicated to produce ideal sweeping machines for each different municipality, contractor and/or cleaning company: It now works with customers from different countries on special projects to create better sweeping machines specialized for local requirements.

The products in ÇEKSAN are being developed with the information gathered over the years from the end users. As a result, ÇEKSAN has been creating custom-made machines for the local requirements of municipalities.

Our customers choose ÇEKSAN products mainly because:

1) They have ultimate performance for very dirty roads
2) The design of the machine are made for maximum efficiency and minimum consumption (for both fuel and brushes)
3) The flexibility of the production department, which facilitates the ability to adapt the machine to local requirements
4) All the critical parts in our products are from worldwide suppliers, so it is easy to find a dealer everywhere in the world if something were to happen.
5) Continuous innovations that make the difference.

Ceksan product range:

1. Truck-Mounted Sweeping Machines
2. Tractor-Towed Sweeping Machines

See our latest video for HMT 2000 Self Powered industrial road sweeper.

We are introducing the HMT mechanical sweeper that can be towed with any vehicle!

The new unit is extremely economical and exceptionally easy to use, the HMT is the most durable sweeping machine compared to all its competitors.


• All systems are hydraulic and is powered from a 60 HP KUBOTA engine situated at the front of the machine.
• The HMT can unload the garbage tank, hydraulically controlled from the vehicle towing it.
• A multitude of water nozzles in front of the brushes and in front of the vehicle ensures the suppression of dust.
• Thanks to the 40 bar water pump, it can also be used as a watering or irrigation machine.
• Training someone to use the HMT takes a couple of hours.The maintenance of the machine isvery easy.
• Parts are freely available.

For more information visit our Ceksan page or contact us.

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