Benefits of Vacuum Cleaners

Counting the Benefits of Vacuum Cleaners

The benefits of vacuum cleaners are many although not all of those that make use of them will necessarily rate them in the same order. For the busy home executive or domestic worker, it is very often the time saved when using these speedy devices that is of the greatest importance, leaving them more time to tackle the many other pressing daily chores.

For the older or less mobile user, it is likely to be the ease of handling when compared to the back-breaking effort of tackling the job armed with only a brush and pan that will top his or her list of needs. Where, instead, the most important requirement of a user may be for very high standards of hygiene, there are units that are designed to meet and even to exceed their needs.

Saving time, limiting fatigue and offering exceptional cleaning power, these machines are nothing if not versatile. Today’s wide range of models incorporates units for use in the home, on large commercial premises and in all manner of heavy industries.

Many of them are to be found in the armoury of cleaning tools employed by the growing number of contract cleaning companies to which many businesses now prefer to outsource their cleaning requirements. For these third-party service providers, both the impressive results offered and the time saved by these machines can ensure their success.

Environmental impact has become an important issue today and manufacturers have been quick to respond to new needs with eco-friendly and silent machines designed to reduce power consumption and noise pollution respectively. At the same time, this is an industry that must cater for tasks as divergent as carpet cleaning and tackling the spillage of hazardous materials.

ITS Africa has positioned itself as an expert in all aspects of both domestic and industrial cleaning. Suppliers of top selling equipment from Kärcher, Numatic, Sibilia and Vortex to name just a few international industry leaders, the company offers equipment to meet any cleaning task and is well-qualified to discuss the many benefits of their various vacuum cleaners.

Industrial Vacuums

Consumable Parts For Industrial Vacuums

The bigger the particles that need to be cleared away by industrial vacuums the larger the hoses and nozzles that you will require. These hoses and nozzles also need to be durable and tough to ensure that they do not become easily damaged as a result of operating in an industrial environment. However, hoses and nozzles can become damaged over time so it is important to choose a supplier of industrial vacuums that can provide you with these consumable whenever you may require the replacement components. You can also find out whether your supplier can offer repairs and maintenance to the equipment should the need for these arise.

To find out more about the consumable parts and components that form part of industrial vacuums, you can simply contact us.

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Sibilia Industrial Vacuum Cleaners

Reliable And Reputable Sibilia Industrial Vacuum Cleaners

Sibilia industrial vacuum cleaners have a reputation for being reliable and delivering the most innovative cleaning solutions to a number of industry sectors. Their 50 years of experience in the manufacture of vacuum cleaners has given them the advantage and ability to produce some of the largest industrial vacuum cleaners available on the market. The Sibilia industrial vacuum cleaners consist of two basic ranges; mobile industrial vacuums as well as permanently installed stationery in-plant units to meet a range of different requirements.

For more information on acquiring Sibilia industrial vacuum cleaners to take care of the cleaning needs in your industry, please contact us.

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