Industrial Vacuum Cleaners

Industrial vacuum cleaners can perform tough industrial cleaning jobs and are usually found at industrial plants and on factory floors, where various types of industrial waste require frequent cleaning.  Examples of industrial waste are oil, sludge, grease, mud, dust and water.  Some of these substances may be hazardous to people’s health (like asbestos dust) and/or pose a risk to factory machinery (like acids and corrosive substances).

Fixed Industrial Vacuum Cleaners

This is why some industrial vacuums are fixed in place on a factory floor where spillages occur frequently or where waste builds up and has to be cleaned regularly.  These machines also make for a convenient central collection point for bagged waste.  Other industrial vacuums filter the air to clear it of airborne hazards like the afore-mentioned asbestos dust.  Very specialised models are available that are certified to clean the air to a set standard.

Truck-mounted Vacuumsindustrial vacuum cleaners

Some of these large industrial vacuum cleaners are mounted on trucks and this makes them extremely versatile and flexible.  A truck-mounted unit has distinct advantages:

  • It is mobile, so it can drive to the site of the spillage and clean it up right there.  The waste can be bagged and transported to the disposal site at once.
  • They can be independently powered, so they can function irrespective of whether the truck engine is running (they are usually diesel-fuelled or electrically driven).

Carpet Industrial Vacuum Cleaners

Heavy-duty carpet vacuums are used at commercial premises to clean offices, hotels and other large carpeted areas.  To this end, Santoemma® has developed their injection-extraction and High Water Lift technologies whereby a water and detergent solution is injected into the carpet pile to loosen dirt, which becomes suspended in the cleaning solution.  The solution is then sucked up in a powerful motion that not only removes almost all the moisture and dirt from the carpet, but also revives the pile.

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Industrial Vacuums

Consumable Parts For Industrial Vacuums

The bigger the particles that need to be cleared away by industrial vacuums the larger the hoses and nozzles that you will require. These hoses and nozzles also need to be durable and tough to ensure that they do not become easily damaged as a result of operating in an industrial environment. However, hoses and nozzles can become damaged over time so it is important to choose a supplier of industrial vacuums that can provide you with these consumable whenever you may require the replacement components. You can also find out whether your supplier can offer repairs and maintenance to the equipment should the need for these arise.

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