Industrial Cleaning Equipment Distributor of Top Brands in South Africa

ITS is a leading and award winning industrial cleaning equipment distributor of top brands including the likes of Sibilia, Numatic and Kärcher products in South Africa.

Whether you need car wash equipment, industrial and commercial vacuum cleaners, turf cleaning equipment or industrial road sweepers, you will find our range to be extensive. We have won distributor awards for Numatic and Kärcher and are certified dealers of the prestigious brands.

Excellent Product Range

As industrial cleaning equipment distributor we constantly add to the product range to meet client cleaning requirements. One of the latest additions to the product stable is the Kärcher Ice Blaster. With the new technology it is possible to remove oil, pain, grease, rubber residue and grime from work pieces and a range of surfaces with ease.

Another one of the products now available and worth mentioning is the WRP 10000 used for recycling and treatment of dirty water at car washes. With environmentally friendly water reclamation in place, the system can handle up to 10 000 litres per hour. The water reclaimed is oil free and no harsh chemicals are needed for the process.

The Mammoth Industrial vacuum cleaner is perfect for bakeries, textile plants, paper, ceramic, and mechanical industries. It has been designed specifically for applications where carbon brush technology cannot be applied for vacuuming. The pump is exceptionally durable and boasts a lifespan of 4000 hours.

Horger Turf Cleaning Equipment

For schools, sport facilities and campuses we recommend the Horger range of artificial and turf sweeping equipment. The machinery is specifically designed to ensure high pressure cleaning whilst also allowing for extraction of dirty water. For deep cleaning and efficient maintenance of athletic tracks we simply have to recommend the Horger range.

The above are, but a few of the products that we supply as industrial cleaning equipment distributor. Let us help you select the best product for your particular commercial or industrial cleaning applications.

Benefits of Vacuum Cleaners

Counting the Benefits of Vacuum Cleaners

The benefits of vacuum cleaners are many although not all of those that make use of them will necessarily rate them in the same order. For the busy home executive or domestic worker, it is very often the time saved when using these speedy devices that is of the greatest importance, leaving them more time to tackle the many other pressing daily chores.

For the older or less mobile user, it is likely to be the ease of handling when compared to the back-breaking effort of tackling the job armed with only a brush and pan that will top his or her list of needs. Where, instead, the most important requirement of a user may be for very high standards of hygiene, there are units that are designed to meet and even to exceed their needs.

Saving time, limiting fatigue and offering exceptional cleaning power, these machines are nothing if not versatile. Today’s wide range of models incorporates units for use in the home, on large commercial premises and in all manner of heavy industries.

Many of them are to be found in the armoury of cleaning tools employed by the growing number of contract cleaning companies to which many businesses now prefer to outsource their cleaning requirements. For these third-party service providers, both the impressive results offered and the time saved by these machines can ensure their success.

Environmental impact has become an important issue today and manufacturers have been quick to respond to new needs with eco-friendly and silent machines designed to reduce power consumption and noise pollution respectively. At the same time, this is an industry that must cater for tasks as divergent as carpet cleaning and tackling the spillage of hazardous materials.

ITS Africa has positioned itself as an expert in all aspects of both domestic and industrial cleaning. Suppliers of top selling equipment from Kärcher, Numatic, Sibilia and Vortex to name just a few international industry leaders, the company offers equipment to meet any cleaning task and is well-qualified to discuss the many benefits of their various vacuum cleaners.