Popular Types of High Pressure Cleaners

Businesses operating in different sectors have different cleaning requirements. It is because of these varying requirements that different models high pressure cleaners are required. One industry’s high pressure cleaning needs will differ from another and having access to the correct cleaning solutions will impact the efficiency and effectiveness of your business operations.

High pressure cleaners are mechanical devices designed to primarily get rid of dirt, grease, grime and other contaminants from the surface of buildings, machines and vehicles. These units make use of increased pressure and a high flow rate that propels detergent and water at surfaces. Different high pressure cleaners can spray hot or cold water, depending on the application.

The high pressure cleaner works when an engine – be it an electronic or motor engine – pumps water from a source and then delivers it at high pressure through a nozzle. The water may be heated by gas, fuel oil or electricity. The cold or hot water will pass through the nozzle creating a heightened pressure at the end of the lance or jetting gun.

Cold Water Pressure Cleaners

This is one of the most popular types of high pressure cleaners available on the market today. Cold-water units are perfectly ideal for cleaning yards, cars, machines, workshops or premises. Heavier duty units can be used in the agriculture, industrial and construction sectors. These sectors may require the highest pressure for cleaning.

Depending on the frequency and size of cleaning required, you could purchase these cleaners as either heavy duty or compact equipment.

The Hot Water Pressure Cleaner

When pigments, oils and fats found in dirt cake onto surfaces, machinery or equipment, only hot water mixed with effective detergent will be able to quickly clean the required surface. The hot water pressure cleaner will deliver heightened pressure water at temperatures that can reach hundreds of degrees. The detergents, when mixed with these levels of heat can then effectively penetrate soil and dirt and keep it emulsified until it’s washed away by hot water.

One added advantage of making use of a high pressure cleaner is that it uses less detergent than its cold-water counterpart.

Stationary High Pressure Cleaners

Companies decide to invest in stationary high pressure cleaners for various reasons. Cold and hot pressure cleaners can come in stationary equipment which is perfectly suitable for disinfecting and cleaning various areas while still being able to save space. These units will reduce the need for long cables and water hoses and is usually installed at areas that require frequent cleaning.

At ITS Africa we make available the very latest and best quality high pressure cleaning equipment available in South Africa. We have partnered with industry leaders in the industry such as Kärcher and other major brands to make available the best products today.

Our sales specialists are all factory trained and will be able to provide you with the advice and services you need to make an informed decision regarding which quality high pressure cleaner to invest in. Contact ITS Africa to learn more about our quality high pressure cleaning technologies.

Choosing the Best Type of Cleaning Equipment

The best type of cleaning equipment is always going to be the one that is best suited for the cleaning task at hand. That might sound obvious, but you will be surprised at how many people end up trying to vacuum heavy duty carpets and still thinking that they will leave it clean by the time they are done.

If you want to clean a heavy duty, durable carpet that is made for walkways and passages inside your office, then you will have a tough time trying to clean it all the way through with regular vacuum. In fact, the only thing that you might succeed in doing is removing any surface dust that might have settled there recently, but that is about it.

Induction vacuums use a combination of hot water with detergent and a strong suction from the vacuum to draw out any dirt situated deep within the carpet fibres. You get them in varying strengths depending on what they get used for, and if you want to clean a walkway carpet for a big company, you can bet your life savings that you will do a far better job with something high-end and heavy duty.

Cleaning equipment is by no means limited to vacuum cleaners, but can be extended to include gardening and household cleaning equipment as well. You can rinse down your driveway with a high pressure hose, and you can use it to clean your car quite nicely as well. When it comes to personal items it is often straight forward in choosing what you need because you have something to do the job.

When you consider the type of cleaning equipment you have to use for commercial purposes, you have to start looking at things from a different angle, because it’s a lot tougher to get things clean that way.

Industrial Cleaning Equipment Distributor of Top Brands in South Africa

ITS is a leading and award winning industrial cleaning equipment distributor of top brands including the likes of Sibilia, Numatic and Kärcher products in South Africa.

Whether you need car wash equipment, industrial and commercial vacuum cleaners, turf cleaning equipment or industrial road sweepers, you will find our range to be extensive. We have won distributor awards for Numatic and Kärcher and are certified dealers of the prestigious brands.

Excellent Product Range

As industrial cleaning equipment distributor we constantly add to the product range to meet client cleaning requirements. One of the latest additions to the product stable is the Kärcher Ice Blaster. With the new technology it is possible to remove oil, pain, grease, rubber residue and grime from work pieces and a range of surfaces with ease.

Another one of the products now available and worth mentioning is the WRP 10000 used for recycling and treatment of dirty water at car washes. With environmentally friendly water reclamation in place, the system can handle up to 10 000 litres per hour. The water reclaimed is oil free and no harsh chemicals are needed for the process.

The Mammoth Industrial vacuum cleaner is perfect for bakeries, textile plants, paper, ceramic, and mechanical industries. It has been designed specifically for applications where carbon brush technology cannot be applied for vacuuming. The pump is exceptionally durable and boasts a lifespan of 4000 hours.

Horger Turf Cleaning Equipment

For schools, sport facilities and campuses we recommend the Horger range of artificial and turf sweeping equipment. The machinery is specifically designed to ensure high pressure cleaning whilst also allowing for extraction of dirty water. For deep cleaning and efficient maintenance of athletic tracks we simply have to recommend the Horger range.

The above are, but a few of the products that we supply as industrial cleaning equipment distributor. Let us help you select the best product for your particular commercial or industrial cleaning applications.