Water recycling equipment

Using and re-using water with high pressure cleaning.

It makes ecological and economical sense to reuse waste water from commercial high-pressure cleaning in the automotive  field, thus cutting costs for fresh water and cleaning agents. Kärcher has the right solution for this application regardless of the type of waste water contamination.

The WRP 10000 systems provide the optimal solution for commercial vehicle wash plants or wash centres with several car washes

Kärcher water reclamation unit WRP 10000

The WRP 10000 ensures effective reclamation of oil free waste water (hydrocarbons up to 5 mg/l) without using any harsh  chemicals.

The modular system ensures  tailor made solutions for every site and customer requirement.


Technical specifications:
1,3 kW
 power rating
10000 l/h capacity
50 Hz frequency
230 V voltage
up to 10000 l/h water output
Order nr. 1.217-130.0

System configuration:
Basic machine

Basic unit with automatic back wash sand filter and electronic cabinet for process control.


  • Sand filter with automatic multi-port-valve
  • Frame
  • Control cabinet

Necessary accessories to operate the unit on site if not available:

Add on submersible pump WRP 10000
Order nr 2.642-037.0
Submersible pump, float switch and installation material to be mounted on wall,  it is required if WRP 10000 should be supplied with waste water from pump pit;  submersible pump with float switch and installation material (230 V / 50 Hz / 1.3 kW)

Submersible pump hose as piece goods
Order nr 6.390-163.0
High quality hose with inside diameter 50 mm as a connection between submersible pump and WRP-system resp. WRP and add on reclaimed water tank

Submersible pump cable submersible pump WRP 30
Order nr 6.641-059.0
Electric cable 3x 1.5 mm² Ölflex between submersible pump and electric cabinet  WRP-system

Control cable pump pit – WRP 30
Order nr 6.647-276.0
Electric cable 7x 0.75 mm² Ölflex between pump pit and electric cabinet WRP-system

Add on reclaimed water tank
Order nr 2.641-981.0
1000 l reclaimed water tank (lxdxh 780mmx780mmx2062mm) as supply tank with  integrated float switch, outlet for reclaimed water circulation and outflow 1 1/4″ / 2″ for  the supply pump wash plant as a reservoir for reclaimed water for wash processes  in wash plant.

Add on additional holding tank
Order nr 2.642-117.0
Additional 1000 l reclaimed water tank (lxdxh 780mmx780mmx2062mm) for wash  plants with higher water demand (max. 2 additional tanks per wash plant),  consisting of tank and connecting elements

Add on supply pump
Order nr 2.642-040.0
Pump  to supply wash plant with reclaimed water; vertical centrifugal pump  and electric cabinet for process control (230 V / 50 Hz / 1.5 kW)

Add on aeration
Order nr 2.641-510.0
Additional aeration pump to avoid smell problems in pit system; above-ground aeration  pump (230 V / 50 Hz / 0.115 kW) and membrane aerator

Aeration hose as piece goods
Order nr 6.390-892.0
High quality PVC hose with underlayer of fabric inside diameter 25 mm for the  connection between aeration pump in the technical room and membrane aerator in  the pump pit.


Installation material
Order nr 2.642-223.0
Installation material for easy installation of the WRP 10000 to connect to hoses, not necessary by tubing

Add on base electric cabinet
Order nr 2.642-116.0
Add on base for electric cabinet for WRP 10000 or add on supply pump if electric cabinet or add on supply pump should stand alone or can not be mounted on wall

Accessories according to requirements and local conditions

Add on overflow reclaimed water tank
Order nr 2.641-995.0
Equipment, if waste water should be discharged into sewer from overflow of reclaimed water tank, if there is no connection between pit system and sewer possible or requested. Consisting of float switch and installation material to connect to WRP-control

Add on fresh water supply WRP 10000
Order nr 2.642-113.0
To fill reclaimed water tank with fresh water, when lack of water happens, if supply of wash plant should be always secured. Also necessary if 2.641-996.0 add on conductivity measurement is ordered

Add on conductivity measurement
Order nr 2.641-996.0
Measurement of salt concentration in reclaimed water tank add on conductivity measurement and installation material to connect to the WRP-control (only possible when discharge of waste water from overflow of reclaimed water tank)

Add on circulation pump
Order nr 2.642-352.0
Necessary if recirculation of reclaimed water with gravity is not possible (technical room in cellar, pipework must be led upward), (230 V / 50 Hz / 0.1 kW)

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