Horger information

The Horger range of athletic track and artificial turf cleaning equipment is specifically developed for high pressure cleaning with extraction of dirty water in one stage for assembly with compact and narrow gauge tractors.

Athletic track cleaner KBR

The athletic track cleaner consists of a cleaning unit which is assembled at the front of the tractor and a tank pump unit for rear assembly. The rear tank is divided into a fresh water container and a dirty water container. The fresh water is sucked in by a high pressure pump, which is driven by a drive shaft, and carried via hoses to the front cleaning unit.

Artificial turf cleaner SKU Trac 1200


Artificial turf is influenced by the environment from the first day on. Dust, pollen, plant residue and abrasion material are washed by rain into the fine cavities of the filling.

The result of this process is a total hardened surface with less water permability. The covering infiltrated with particles of humus and other debris is the ideal breeding ground for algae and moss.

Artificial turf that is not maintained properly can no longer meet its purpose and can cause danger of slipping and other accident risks.

Only with constant maintenance and care a filled artificial turf can keep its quality and can be used effectively for many years.
The SKU Trac 1200 is specifically developed so that maintenance can be done on driven equipment.

The filling material (sand, rubber granules or a mix of sand and granules) is swept off the artificial turf, the coarse soiling is sieved and picked up, the fine dust is sucked up and filtered out, the turf is set upright and the filling material brought back.

With the optional accessories, for example the withdrawal brush for daily smoothening, the SKU Trac 1200 is the complete system for the maintenance of your artifial turf pitch.