ÇEKSAN road sweepers

ÇEKSAN is dedicated to produce ideal sweeping machines for each different municipality, contractor and/or cleaning company: It now works with customers from different countries on special projects to create better sweeping machines specialized for local requirements.

The products in ÇEKSAN are being developed with the information gathered over the years from the end users. As a result, ÇEKSAN has been creating custom-made machines for the local requirements of municipalities.

ÇEKSAN tractor towed sweepers in action.

Hamarat® is the worldwide famous mechanical street sweeping machine produced by ÇEKSAN since 1997. It is a towed, hydraulically driven machine with a mechanical collection system. Hamarat® has been sweeping the roads and streets of many countries. Property firms, municipalities and council authorities find that Hamarat® is ideal for small areas, narrow paths and short pavements.

They provide the following benefits:

– Tractor – towed.
– It is the strongest and the most durable equipment among all its competitors.
– No chains, belts or equivalent equipment is used in the workings of the equipment.
– The only power utilized is the hydraulic power supplied by the tractor.
– It’s price is about 10 times lower than hydrostatic equipment.
– As the need for maintenance is minimum, the cost per usage is also very low.
– As there is no auxiliary engine, the fuel consumption is low.
– Delivers the highest performance.
– It gives an ultimate sweeping for all types of roads,
– The tank collects much bigger objects than any other sweeper machines.
– Very easy cleaning after usage.
– Can be used as a pressured washing machine and irrigation machine.
– Fits to almost all the tractor types in the world.
– Can easily be fixed and be detached in 15 minutes .
– Good maneuverability.
– User friendly. Training on specified equipment does not exceed three hours.


ÇEKSAN truck mounted sweepers in action.


For many years ÇEKSAN has been a market leader in street sweeping technology. Since 1998, the VKM’s, truck-mounted sweeping machines, have been sweeping the streets of many municipalities around the world.

ÇEKSAN machines produce the ultimate power while keeping the engine rotation between 1000 and 2000 RPM, therefore using less fuel.

ÇEKSAN machines are designed to maximize the life of the brushes. The operator can adjust the pressure applied on the floor by the side brushes. An acceleration handle has been put inside the cabin, so the operator may also adjust the speed of the auxiliary engine.

• Dust is another concern. Not only is the vacuumed air being sprayed with water continuously while in operation, but there is also a second system that filters the air.

• Noise is a crucial aspect. All efforts have been made to produce silent machines that are able to sweep streets without disturbing anyone. All surfaces around the auxiliary engine are covered by special materials. All tests show that the noise has been decreased to minimum values of 65 decibels.

• ÇEKSAN is the first and only company that produces the water tank and oil tank together separately from all other parts in its truck mounted street sweepers. The water tank being next to the oil tank, serves as a cooler for the oil.

• The water pump is moved by a hydro motor independently from the sweeping system. So when it is necessary irrigation can be done.

• The operator can easily conduct the the sweeping, discharge, washing and safety functions from inside and outside the vehicle from the control panels.

Do you need to deep clean, upgrade, renovate or simply maintain to a high standard on a daily basis? All you need is a basic workhorse designed with power and performance to do the job and give the results with less effort on the user and more power in and power out. Keep it simple, consider interchangeable – we give it to you all in one, contact us now.

Customers choose ÇEKSAN products mainly because:

1) They have ultimate performance for very dirty roads
2) The design of the machine are made for maximum efficiency and minimum consumption (for both fuel and brushes)
3) The flexibility of the production department, which facilitates the ability to adapt the machine to local requirements
4) All the critical parts in our products are from worldwide suppliers, so it is easy to find a dealer everywhere in the world if something were to happen.
5) Continuous innovations that make the difference.
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