Kärcher High Pressure Cleaners

The Pros and Cons of Petrol and Electric Kärcher High Pressure Cleaners

Kärcher is a world leader in the design and manufacturing of high pressure cleaning technology. Millions of companies and individuals around the world trust them to supply the market with only the very best quality high pressure cleaners available. High pressure washers can either be powered by petrol or electricity. 

Each option holds its unique set of pros and cons. Depending on your requirements, you should opt for a unit that can best meet your needs. It is worth your while to familiarise yourself with all of the features that each type has to offer, in the interest of being able to make an informed choice. Petrol-based Kärcher high pressure cleaners are popular for many reasons, yet the popularity of electrically powered units have increased in recent times.

Both petrol and electric units are used in commercial and domestic applications, and are further differentiated by hot and cold water options, and in some instances, even steam cleaning. When choosing which type of pressure cleaner to buy, there are a few factors that you should keep in mind.

Kärcher Electric High Pressure Cleaners

Many people consider electric pressure cleaners as a step up from the petrol units because of their simple connection method. You can simply connect your unit to a standard socket and be on your way. Also, these units tend to be cheaper to run, as they will not require the continued use of petrol, which can quickly become expensive given the current fluctuations in the petrol price.

The replacement of petrol with electricity is also considered to be more environmentally friendly and therefore preferred in today’s strong tendency of selecting the most ecologically responsible products whenever possible. Aside from all of this, the electrically powered units are also known for being lighter than the petrol counterparts. Their versatility also greatly boosts their appeal, since you can easily source models with different levels of power to suit your application needs.

The downside to using electric high pressure cleaners is that you always need a power socket nearby. The use of an extension cord can be used where you do not have access to a power socket, but it restricts the unit to be used in the vicinity of an electricity source.

Kärcher Petrol High Pressure Cleaners

By far the most appealing feature of using Kärcher’s petrol high pressure cleaners is without a shadow of doubt its mobility. The petrol engine will never require a nearby electricity source for it to function, and subsequently does not restrict its use to specific areas. Many commercial companies opt for these units due to their great durability and exceptional high performance during extended and intense periods of use.

Keep in mind, however, that petrol pressure cleaners are more expensive to operate than their electrical counterparts, due to their fuel dependency. This can be a deal breaker for certain companies, forcing them to choose electrically powered units. However, before making a decision, speak to an industry professional for the best advice.

At ITS Africa, we bring many years of experience in the industrial, commercial and domestic cleaning equipment sector to the industry. We will advise you of all the benefits and drawbacks of each Kärcher high pressure cleaner available and help you to make an informed decision.

Our team of sales professionals is factory trained to ensure that they are best positioned to offer you the advice and information that you need to make a smart investment. Contact us to learn more about our extensive range of great quality, durable and competitively priced Kärcher high pressure cleaners, available throughout South Africa.

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