ITS Africa Will Help You to Buy and Compare Vacuum Cleaners

When searching for the best quality cleaning equipment, it helps to have an expert at hand to refer to. At ITS Africa, we make available to you our thoroughly trained and professional sales staff, trained in technical application technology by our European suppliers who are all leaders in their field. This makes our sales staff uniquely qualified to help you buy and compare vacuum cleaners and other cleaning technology.

Our team of seasoned industry professionals with many years’ experience behind them will help to provide you with an industry leading solution to all your cleaning requirements. ITA Africa deals in leading brand vacuum cleaners that is suitable for different uses – from commercial to industrial, professional and home use. This ensures that you are able to access the cleaning equipment that will best suit your needs.

Excellent After Sales Service from ITS Africa

Aside from helping you to buy and compare vacuum cleaners, we also make available excellent after sales service to help you get the most out of your equipment. We have an extensive fleet of service vehicles which enables us to offer 24 hours, 7 days a week service to our premium customers. Our vehicles are fitted with C-Track devices which allow us to quickly dispatch the nearest service operator to your premises.

This also allows for faster response time and less downtime for you, keeping your business running. Our technicians are an after-hours standby and offer emergency call-outs when needed. These are only a few of the ways that we continue to provide our clients with excellent service.

Aside from offering leading brand vacuum cleaners for sale, ITS Africa also makes available various other cleaning products and equipment. These include:

  • Housekeeping and laundry trolleys;
  • Industrial high pressure cleaners;
  • Hot and cold water mobile stationary units;
  • Auto scrubbers and driers;
  • Sweepers, spray extraction cleaners and steam cleaners;
  • Hygiene dispensers and chemicals; and
  • Track and turf cleaning equipment, to name a few.

We also specialise in the manufacturing of specialised products that differentiate us from the conventional suppliers of cleaning equipment. Our dedicated and professional design team will handle each project individually and provide you with a leading industry solution to your requirements.

ITS Africa also offers full maintenance agreement plans for all equipment sold by us. If you would like to buy and compare vacuum cleaners with us, you will find our products and services to be of superior quality, offering only the very best performance. You will always get the best value out of your new investment thanks to our commitment to superlative after sales service.

We are also proud of our Level 3 BBBE status and about our role in transformation in South Africa. If you need to deep clean, upgrade, renovate and maintain high standards at your facilities and you’re in need of an industry leading cleaning solution, then contact ITS Africa to learn more about our products and services from experts in the industry in South Africa today.

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