Hot Water High Pressure Cleaners

Hot Water High Pressure Cleaners Can Tackle Any Surface

The use of hot water high pressure cleaners has grown steadily since the concept of using high pressure water jets to clean soiled surfaces gained commercial viability in 1950.

Today units similar to this have found widespread applications in both commercial and industrial fields and Kärcher, the pioneers of this innovative cleaning technology, remains the industry leader having developed a wide range of these machines and other cleaning equipment that together offer a range of powerful solutions to address any imaginable cleaning task from commercial car washing to valeting Jumbo Jets.

Hot Water High Pressure CleanersChoose the Right Pressure, Temperature and Detergent Options

While cold water models also have their uses, the use of hot water is particularly effective for the really dirty jobs and, where a surface may be soiled with oil or grease, models that permit the user to introduce a suitable detergent into the jet are also available.

Task Size also Important to Your Choice

To a large extent, it is the area to be cleaned that is likely to prove most important to identify the precise model needed to tackle a given task. For localised cleaning jobs there is not likely to be a great deal of need to move the unit very far so a static model is quite likely to be adequate and will involve a smaller outlay.

As soon as the soiled area becomes fairly large, as in the case of a warehouse floor or outdoor parking area for instance, it may prove far more practical to purchase a mobile unit. It will save time and result in far less operator fatigue. Powered by mains electricity, battery or petrol for outside use, these units also provide the larger water capacity required to reduce the constant need for refilling. They come in a range of capacities to match the size of the job.

Static or mobile, petrol or electric, of large capacity or relatively small, designed to operate at modest or superheated temperatures, there are hot water high pressure cleaners suited to almost any commercial or industrial cleaning task.

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