Hot and Cold Water High Pressure Cleaning Solutions

We all know that high pressure cleaning is simply perfect for cleaning those tough outside areas such as roofs, paving and even garage doors. This is both a simple and safe way of cleaning exterior surfaces.

High pressure cleaning works by combining a high water flow rate, high pressure and high steam temperature in order to get spotless results. It is used in both commercial and industrial areas and is best for areas that require tough degreasing. Of course there is more than one type of high pressure cleaner. High pressure cleaners are designed for both hot and cold water applications. Cleaners that use hot water are often viewed as more effective, especially when it comes to cutting though grease and grime. When using a cold water pressure cleaner, it is advised to make use of a good degreasing solvent. This will ensure excellent results! This type of cleaning is particularly popular in food manufacturing plants as they make keeping the area sanitary, a simple task.

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