High Pressure Cleaner South Africa

Get the Job Done with Hot Water High Pressure Cleaners in South Africa 

One of the best inventions in the cleaning sector in recent years has been the high pressure cleaner. This machine offers the most powerful cleaning, offering the ability to wash just about any surface with great success. Using high pressure cleaners in South Africa, you can restore surfaces to just “like-new” with minimal effort. 

There are also two main types of high pressure cleaners in South Africa, namely hot water and cold water units. Both types of high pressure cleaners spray water with incredible power to effectively do away with grime and dirt that is hard or near to impossible to remove otherwise. It can be used on just about any surface, which further boosts its popularity. These units offer easy, fast and effective cleaning of industrial equipment, cement and concrete floors and walls, cars, roofs and gutters.

However, if you are going to use a high pressure cleaner for harder cleaning applications, such as getting rid of grease from floors or for high-intensity use, a hot water unit is your best bet. Many companies choose a hot water unit, since it is proven to effectively clean away greasy and grimy areas.

With cold water units, it will be more difficult to achieve the same cleaning of greasy surfaces. The reason for this is because the water is room temperature and after some time, the grease will change into a waxy and stiff substance that will be even harder to clean even if you spray it using a cold pressure cleaner.

Hot water units spray water at incredible force and get rid of grease and grime with ease. The most important reason for this is because the units can reach temperatures of up to 90ºC. You may not require this level of heat, but there are different units available to meet your needs. The abrasiveness of the hot pressure cleaner, combined with powerful chemicals, will easily dissolve dirt, grime and other substances.

Faster Cleaning With Hot High Pressure Cleaners in South Africa

Additionally, when you choose hot high pressure cleaners in South Africa, your cleaning jobs will go by far quicker. The super-hot water will also exterminate microorganisms like bacteria, and subsequently sanitise any surface that it is applied to. When used correctly, you will find that the cleaning time is drastically cut down, and you will experience a boost in productivity in your business.

At ITS Africa, we bring many years of experience in the cleaning equipment industry to every client that we work with. We have a team of seasoned and factory trained sales professionals at the ready to provide you with all of the information that you need to make a fully informed purchasing decision for your business.

Since 1996, we have been hard at work providing South Africans and businesses with competitively priced cleaning equipment and solutions that help them to meet their cleaning demands. At present, we have 51 professionals based in sales and service offices throughout Cape Town, Port Elizabeth, Johannesburg and George.

If required, we can also train your employees in the correct maintenance and handling of all equipment and machinery sourced through us. Another benefit of partnering with us is that you have the backing of a national company, and we have service and repair centres nationwide to minimise downtime and provide you with the world-class service that you demand and deserve.

We are recognised suppliers in the southern Africa region of leading brands such as Kärcher, Numatic, Vortex, and OERTZEN, to name a few. Contact us, at ITS Africa, for affordable and cutting-edge high pressure cleaner technology in South Africa.

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