Choosing the Right Vacuum Cleaners for Your Business

Vacuum cleaners operate through air pumps used to create a partial vacuum through which the dirt and dust from floor surfaces are sucked up and collected. The incredible suction effect is created because the built-in motor’s pressure inside the machine is less than atmospheric pressure on the outside. Many businesses buy vacuum cleaners because of their incredible efficiency at cleaning up dirt and dust, thus helping to increase the hygiene conditions of their facilities.

Even though there are many different product brands available on the market for cleaning floors, Kärcher units are incredibly popular in the industry, for very good reasons. This brand uses the latest and most innovative filter technology, which results in the best outcomes in various different applications.

Kärcher vacuum cleaners include many different models fit for different types of uses. The range of units available from Kärcher includes:

  • Dry vacuums cleaners;
  • Wet vacuum cleaners;
  • Safety cleaners;
  • Upright brush-type cleaners; and
  • Special category vacuum cleaners used in bakeries, etc.

Affordable and Quality Kärcher Vacuum Cleaners from ITS Africa

ITS has been supplying South Africa with affordable and innovative cleaning equipment for nearly twenty years. Through our commitment to excellent customer service and only offering our customers the very best quality products over the many years, we have justly earned an industry leading reputation in the cleaning equipment industry. We offer the very latest Kärcher vacuum cleaning units to our valued customers and continue to make our expertise knowledge available to help businesses and households choose the best products for their needs.

Aside from offering cutting edge vacuum cleaners, we also offer an extensive range of other professional, home and garden Kärcher products. Some of the many Kärcher equipment offered by ITS includes:

  • Professional Kärcher products: High pressure cleaners, vacuum cleaners, carpet cleaners, steam cleaners, step-on cleaning equipment and spray extraction cleaners, to name a few.
  • Home and garden Kärcher products: Pressure washers, drill dust catchers, vacuums, cordless electric brooms and floor polishers, among others.

ITS is so confident of our quality range of Kärcher vacuum cleaners and other equipment that we offer a two-year warranty on all Kärcher professional equipment.

Full Maintenance Agreement on All ITS Equipment

In order to offer our customers even greater value for money, we provide you with Full Maintenance Agreements on all our products. This will give you even greater peace of mind when shopping with ITS. You will be able to effectively control your maintenance costs and make sure that you choose the correct machine for its intended application.

ITS, together with Kärcher, now provide an extended two-year factory warranty on all our Kärcher equipment, including vacuum cleaners and high pressure cleaners. This will also further serve to help reduce your total cost of ownership and help to increase customer satisfaction among our valued clients.

Our maintenance agreements will see that preventative maintenance is effectively and reliably carried out on your equipment. This will curtail repair costs and make sure that your equipment is kept in pristine equipment, also minimising any need for downtime. These are only a few of the ways that we continue to work hard at providing our customers with an industry leading solution for all their vacuum cleaner requirements.

The sales and service team behind ITS is all factory trained, enabling them to provide you with expert services and advice at all times. We are proud of our long history of service and continue to lead our industry in excellence. Contact ITS Africa to discuss all your Kärcher vacuum cleaner needs and take your business to the next level of hygiene.

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