Buy a Kärcher High Pressure Cleaner and Take Your Business to the Next Level

Known not only in South Africa, but also around the world, for its high performing cleaning equipment, Kärcher’s selection of quality high pressure cleaners and washers has helped domestic homes, industrial areas, commercial premises and offices to clean their facilities quickly and with little effort. Since 1935, this market-leading brand has carved a niche for itself in the cleaning industry by creating an extensive range of efficient, affordable, durable and innovative cleaning machines and equipment.  Continue reading

Car Wash Cleaning Equipment

Choosing Your Car Wash Cleaning Equipment

If you’re setting up a car wash, cleaning equipment will be high on your list of purchases. The precise need will vary with the expected throughput of the operation but will consist of units for washing the exterior surfaces of the car and smartening up the interior.

The starting point must be a suitable high pressure cleaner. In its simplest form this may be a portable unit with a water tank of suitable size; small for minimal traffic but larger for a busier facility. The larger tank prevents the need to refill it too often and so speeds up the service.

This type of cleaner normally works fine with cold water since modern detergents are highly efficient, making operating costs lower. Hot water and higher pressure models are available if your client-base is likely to include a lot of off-road vehicles, bakkies, trucks and the like but you will need to charge a little more for your services.

Fixed installations of pressure cleaners with centralised compression will require specially constructed premises but are ideal for busier operations.

When considering how to tackle vehicle interiors, the industry offers some alternatives. You can choose from conventional high power, high-capacity vacuum cleaners or equally powerful spray extraction cleaners.

The perfect solution is definitely to combine the use of the basic vacuum cleaner with that of a spray extraction unit, often referred to as a steam cleaner. The former is ideal for picking up sand, grit and other visible detritus from all of the interior surfaces.

The extractor’s spray penetrates deeply into the pile of the carpets and upholstery, after which the dissolved dirt is then sucked clear immediately. The result is that these fabrics are left deep-cleansed and perfectly dry in all weathers. Since clients are often in a hurry and may be deterred by long waits, this could be the perfect tool with which to improve throughput and turnover.

Clearly, the correct choice of car wash cleaning equipment will be of vital importance to the success of your business, so consult the experts at ITS Africa.

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