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Industrial floor scrubbers are heavy-duty floor cleaning machines with replaceable pads and brushes for cleaning, brushing, stripping, shampooing, buffing or polishing large industrial floor areas.

Low-speed single-disc industrial floor scrubbers rest with their entire weight on their rotating discs; high-speed models usually rest on castor wheels.  High-speed models are best for buffing and polishing and disc speeds may be as high as 1500rpm, as in the case of the Numatic NRU 1500 Ultraflow.  Normal floor scrubbers usually run at between 150 and 300rpm, like the Numatic BMD 1000 and BMD 1000 High Speed, respectively.  The Numatic LoLine range is smaller and more compact for easy handling.

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Numatic is one of the foremost manufacturers of floor scrubbers.  They offer a range of specialised models, among which are the standard and compact models, as well as the specialist escalator cleaner and the LoLine range.

Scrubber-driers are also popular floor scrubbers and here Numatic supplies the BMD 1000, which is ideal if you want to polish, shampoo, scrub or strip a floor; its brush speed is 150rpm.  The BMD 1000 High Speed offers a similar package but with double the brush speed.  The NRU 1500 Ultraflow offers a 1500rpm brush speed for buffing and polishing and the LoLine NLL 332 and NLL 415 are compact and light, with a low profile.

Numatic Cleaning Equipment

Numatic cleaning equipment is a leading brand in providing floor care products to homes and offices around the world. Their vacuum cleaners are designed to take care of sucking up dirt and dust in small areas to larger premises and come with a range of attachments. The carpet cleaners will deep clean any type of carpet professionally leaving no residue or build-up of detergent. Numatic can also supply you with a janitorial trolley that has all the items necessary to keep any space clean. Numatic cleaning equipment takes cleaning seriously and is no match for bacteria, dirt or grime in any environment.