Horger Astroturf Equipment

The Grass Is Always Greener With Horger Astroturf Equipment

Horger Astroturf EquipmentIn a country as water poor as South Africa the use of Astroturf for sports fields and public areas has been steadily increasing as the legislation governing water usage has tightened and municipal rates for water consumption have increased. Today manufacturers of equipment designed to keep Astroturf in peak condition and appearance such as Horger Astroturf Equipment are extremely active in South Africa. These companies have made some of the most advanced Astroturf care products in the world available to the South African market.

The Horger range of Astroturf cleaning equipment is designed to make the cleaning of artificial grass surfaces as trouble free as possible. The self propelled Horger Astroturf cleaning system ensures that the artificial grass remains as pristine as the day that it was first laid by removing dust, pollen and humus that can contribute to the growth of algae, moss and mould. The growth of these organisms can impact not only on the appearance of the Astroturf, but can also cause health problems amongst users of the artificial ground covering. Inadequate care of the Astroturf can also cause hardening and less water permeability, affecting the lifespan of the product.

Horger Astroturf EquipmentBy using Astroturf cleaning equipment from Horger such as the Horger artificial turf cleaner SKU Trac 1200 users of artificial grass surfaces can ensure that the turf remains safe for use at all times. Neglecting the upkeep of the Astroturf can cause the surface to become extremely slippery, greatly increasing the risk of injury.

Horger Astroturf equipment can be used to vacuum up the filling material, such as sand or granules or even a mixture of both, filtering and cleaning the material and then setting the turf upright before returning the granular material to the turf. By using Horger equipment to ensure that the Astroturf remains in excellent condition users can make certain that the turf is both pleasant to look at, as well as safe to use.

Water Recycling Equipment

Water recycling – environmentally friendly and economical.

The recycling and treatment of dirty water featured in vehicle washes and commercial high-pressure cleaning is often legally stipulated.

The reclamation of waste water is not only eco-friendly but also perfectly suited  for vehicle wash plants with a water demand less than 10,000 l/h.

The WRP 10000 ensures effective reclamation of oil free waste water (hydrocarbons up to 5 mg/l) without using any harsh  chemicals.

water recycling equipment


Kärcher recycling systems make it not only possible for you to meet legal requirements and standards but also considerably reduce consumption and costs for fresh water and cleaning agents. This means a savings of up to 85% of fresh water and cleaning agents.

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Industrial And Window Cleaning Equipment

It is easy enough to clean a house’s windows, but office blocks’ windows are vast and require only the best window cleaning equipment and cleaning products.

ITS Africa is a specialist in the supply of not only window cleaning equipment, but also virtually any other type of cleaning equipment from famous manufacturers like Santoemma, Kärcher, Numatic and Sibilia.  From vacuum cleaners, large industrial vacuums, wet-and-dry models and floor scrubbers, to automated washers, sweepers, washroom hygiene products and janitorial trolleys – we have it all.  Contact us today for all your cleaning equipment needs and we will assist you with the products that meet your needs.