Car Wash Cleaning Equipment

Quality Car Wash Cleaning Equipment Makes Light Work

At one time, if asked to make a list of their car wash cleaning equipment, most would have responded with items like buckets, sponges, squeegees, chamois leathers, buckets and hoses. Today, a growing number of vehicle owners are likely to produce a list of just two items; a chamois or soft cloth and a high pressure washer.

car wash cleaning equipmentA shampoo with added wax may well take a lot of the time and effort out of restoring your vehicle’s shine but even this will be a wasted effort if, before it is applied, the surface of your car is not thoroughly clean and free of grit and dirt that, otherwise, may lead to severe scratching of your paintwork.

The garden hose may be of some help if your mains water pressure happens to be reasonable but, where the build-up of dirt is heavy and in those out of the way places like the wheel arches, it is unlikely to be effective and will almost certainly need a bit of sponging to help matters along and even this is quite likely to cause scratches.

For many, of course, the task of sprucing up the family motor is delegated to the local carwash. Here to, there has been a shift away from the more labour-intensive cleaning practices of the past with all of the preliminary cleaning, shampooing, rinsing and sometimes drying being provided by means of these pressure washers. The outlet may use individual units or centralised compressors that provide the pressure needed to operate several hoses and that are able to introduce a wax shampoo into the cold water jet when required.

More sophisticated systems may employ a mobile gantry system that makes several passes over the vehicle to perform each stage of the cleaning process in sequence.

When the time comes for attention to the interior, steam extraction cleaners leave upholstery hygienically clean, and dry and a quick wipe over of the dashboard is all that remains.

Kärcher offers a full range of quality car wash cleaning equipment for home, commercial and industrial use.

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